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Reducing the food miles between you and the freshest produce, coming directly from our farms. Enjoy clean and pesticide-free food with Freshgram. Come experience the new-age food system with us.

Freshgram is powered by the best-in-class CEA

Growing food through Hydroponics and building innovative new age food systems using 90% less water and zero pesticides. Our priority remains the health and nutrition of our consumers. 

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"We have never experienced anything like this in Kanpur. To enjoy such clean and good quality produce, fresh from a farm, has never been more convenient"

Kopal Gupta

“With Freshgram our worry to find clean food has come to an end. My family enjoys the flavourful produce which is delivered at our doorstep in no time” 

Monika Thakur

“It is a relief to finally enjoy food from a farm which promises no pesticide and such high nutritional value. That too with such a long shelf life”

Sangeeta Sharma

"Freshgram not only takes care of the taste but also ensures our daily vitamin Intake. The freshness and flavour is an added advantage for me and my family"

Aakash P

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